Changes in OSAP rules



There will be significant changes in OSAP policy for the coming school year. There will be an increase of grants available through OSAP that were not previously available to potential students. An calculator is available on the OSAP website to estimate your potential combination of grants and loans. It is not, as has been advertised, free tuition, so keeping your expectations realistic is an important part of the process.

There has also been a policy change that allows students to take only the grant portion of the funds allocated by OSAP. Consult with your financial services office first, before making this decision, as your ability to access additional funding through your school maybe impacted if you make this choice.

Although the Indigenous Student Bursary is listed on the OSAP website, you do not have to apply for OSAP to receive the award. As with any award, receiving funding from another source may impact your ability to access the full amount you are entitled to from another funding source.

The current federal Liberal government announced that an additional $50 million would be contributed to the Post-Secondary Student Support Program, but this election promise was broken and Aboriginal students are still being denied funding and applying for student loans.



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