Transferring Between College and University or from University to College


When I returned to school, I was afraid that I was going to lose all my credits from my previous education and have to start all over again. I had a two year diploma from the United States that was almost 10 years old. When I approached the Registrar’s Office at my school of choice, I was told that if I could provide the relevant documentation, I could receive advanced standing for my degree. It was a lot of work tracking down previous professors to get the information I needed, but I was able to get just under 2 years of credit for my Bachelor of Arts, based on my previous studies.

For students in Ontario, there is a website that can assist you with determining the process of transferring from a university program to a college program or from a college program to a university program. Also, there is also information about planning our your postsecondary education, which may include a combination of college and university programs. The website is

It is important to do your research before considering changing programs to determine which previously earned credits will be recognised by the school of your choice. According to the website:

Credit transfer in postsecondary education refers, at the most general level, to the ability of students to move from one institution to another and receive appropriate credit in one institution for learning achieved in another. The primary goal of credit transfer frameworks and policies is to support student mobility while, at the same time, maintaining the integrity of educational programs and credentials. How the process works varies from province to province and is directly related to the structure of the postsecondary education system, the degree of alignment between college and university programs and the level of institutional autonomy, especially with regard to curriculum design and institutional policies. Agreements among institutions with regard to credit transfer are often published in a central database accessible by students and potential students.

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